Welcome to my calculator museum!

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An old picture of my collection, it has since more than tripled.

Welcome! My name is Ethan, I'm a mechanical engineering student from New Brunswick, Canada, and for some reason I've dedicated far too much of my free time to buying, restoring/repairing, and generally collecting calculators. Initially my interests lied mainly with Texas Instruments graphing calculators, but that quickly devolved into buying any calculator I thought looked interesting. Currently my main collecting goal is to collect every board and case revision of the TI-83 and 83 plus. However, I havent made that easy on myself since I've arbitrarily limited myself to buying calculators locally through thrift stores, Facebook, kijiji, etc., I just think its more fun that way. Typically I only buy online if it's something that would be next to impossible to find elsewhere, for example, one of my collection crown jewels, my TI nSpire CAS+ prototype. Anyways, enough rambling, my entire collection is catalogued here on this website, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy looking around.



After putting it off for almost a year I've finally got around to updating the website. Unfortunately for you this update contains nothing that you will notice. The main change I've made is that the sidebar visible on most of this websites pages is now a single document that all other pages reference. This is a huge quility of life improvement for me, since I've been meaning to reorganize the website and change some of the categories which would have been a pretty tedious undertaking with the old method. As per usual I now have a large back catolog to get through, but now that I've made this one change that I had told myself I need to make before adding anymore pages, I can get back to adding all of my new aquisitions. Hopefully the next update isn't another year away, but I'm not willing to make any promises.