Welcome to my calculator museum!

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An old picture of my collection, it has since more than tripled.

Welcome! My name is Ethan, I'm a mechanical engineering student from New Brunswick, Canada, and for some reason I've dedicated far too much of my free time to buying, restoring/repairing, and generally collecting calculators. Initially my interests lied mainly with Texas Instruments graphing calculators, but that quickly devolved into buying any calculator I thought looked interesting. Currently my main collecting goal is to collect every board and case revision of the TI-83 and 83 plus. However, I havent made that easy on myself since I've arbitrarily limited myself to buying calculators locally through thrift stores, Facebook, kijiji, etc., I just think its more fun that way. Typically I only buy online if it's something that would be next to impossible to find elsewhere, for example, one of my collection crown jewels, my TI nSpire CAS+ prototype. Anyways, enough rambling, my entire collection is catalogued here on this website, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy looking around.



Got a few more from my back catalogue cleaned that only required a minor cleaning and have added them to the website. With this update the total number of entries has increased to 117! Since its only been a day between updates I've left all of yesterdays updates on the Newest Entry page (Those being Texas Instruments TI-1025, Texas Instruments TI-32, Texas Instruments TI-34, Texas Instruments SR-50A, Faber-Castelle 67/87Rb Rietz, Casio FX-CG50, Burroughs C 3155, and Commodore SR4912) and added the following entries: Casio fx-82LA Plus, Sharp EL-520X, Kempten Bayern Planimeter, Radio Shack EL-376, and Canon DM-4800. There are 3 calculators remaining to be cleaned, however, they require a deeper cleaning and I really don't want to right now. For roughly none of you curious, the remaining 3 are a TI-82, a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, and an Olivetti Divisumma 37PD. But anyway, thanks for looking around, enjoy.