TI nSpire CAS+

an image of a texas instruments ti nspire cas plus symbolic calculator
Brand Texas Instruments
Type Symbolic
Release Date Never Released
Display Type LCD
Serial Num. 01615 PVT1.1
Date code S-1006
Country of origin China

Given to me as a christmas gift December 2021, purchased from ebay. According to the date code this calculator was manufactured in October of 2006 by Inventec Shanghai in China. This is a late stage protorype for the TI nSpire line of calculators. Since this is a fairly late stage prototype, not much is different from the production model. The clearest differences between this and the final product are the directional buttons and the name on the device. This design for the directional buttons was not used on any of the production nSpire calculators, and neither was the TI nSpire CAS+ name. I can't speak to any software differences as I don't currently own an original TI nSpire calculator, but I assume the differences are minimal.