TI-84 Plus EZ-Spot

An image of a TI-84 plus EZ-spot graphing calculator
Brand Texas Instruments
Type Graphing
Release Date Nov. 1, 2004
Display Type LCD
Serial Num. 1512035179
Date code K-05100
Country of origin Taiwan

I believe this was purchased on Facebook marketplace sometime in early February 2021. Judging by the date code, this calulator was produced by Kinpo Electronics Inc. in May of 2010 in Taiwan. This is currently my daily driver and most used out of my collection. It has everything I loved about the TI-83 plus but with more features and quality of life improvements. As for the yellow case, that is due to the fact that this is the EZ-spot model. They are typically sold in sets to schools and are colored brightly to discourage theft. Clearly that didnt help much in this case, as according to the back of the calculator a school with the abbreviation AWEC is missing the 34th calculator from their set. I distinctly remember seeing the school property stamp on the bottom of the face of the calculator in the ad, however, as can be seen in the picture, it is no longer there. Upon closer inspection you can see that it was scratched off, meaning that at some point between the ad being posted and me buying it, the seller got worried about it and decided to try to remove it. Personally though, I think thats kinda funny.