TI-83 Plus (2006)

an image of a texas instruments ti83 plus graphing calculator
Brand Texas Instruments
Type Graphing
Release Date 1999
Display Type LCD
Serial Num. 107271204
Date code N-0906J
Country of origin China

Purchased at a Value Village thrift store on September 2nd (along with Canon FC-42S, HP10BII+, Canon Palmtronic 8s, Lloyd's Accumatic 603, TI-84 plus ). According to the date code this calculator was manufactured in September of 2006 by Nam Tai in china. This calculator didn't come with its slide case, but I had an extra one from a lot if calculators I bought awhile ago. There's a sticker on the back of the case from whoever owned it previously that says "Guns are for kids", I'm not sure what it's in reference to, but I kept it cause I thought it was kinda funny. Currently in working condition.