Sterling Decimal Trig Multi-Log Slide Rule No.594

An image of a Sterling Decimal Trig Multi-Log No.594 Slide Rule
Brand Sterling
Type Slide rule
Release Date 1965-1970
length 12"
Serial Num. N/A
Date code N/A
Country of origin N/A

Purchased at a flea market on August 19, 2022 (alongside Sun Hemmi No.1768C, Nestler Nr.11D, Casio CA-602). This Slide rule is in near mint condition and came with its instruction manuel and vinyl case. It was stolen out from under this websites server admin Hayden at the afformentioned flea market. I ran into him there while he was looking at a table of old junk, and this ruler was sitting directly in front of him when I showed up. I asked him if he had already bought it, and he said he hadnt even noticed it. We both insisted the other take it, but ended up deciding with a game of rock, paper, scissors. I won.