Pickett N-903T Trig and Conversions

An image of a Pickett N-903T Trig and Conversions slide rule
Brand Pickett
Type Slide rule
Release Date ?
length 12"
Serial Num. N/A
Date code N/A
Country of origin N/A

Purchased at a flea market on August 20, 2022 (alongside PS-6700, K&E 4053-2, Pickett Microline120, Sun Hemmi NO.1771). This slide rule is made out of aluminium, which I'm sure was great when it was new, but in its current state makes for a fairly unpleasant slide ruling experience. The slide is rough and makes metal squeaking noises, which, believe it or not, I'm not very fond of. This slide rule isnt in terrible condition, but it has seen better days.